We accept gel nail development OEM.


TESK is a Japanese manufacturer developing UV curable resin. We have been working for the development of UV curable resin for over 20 years. It can be used in various applications as boding,  coating solution like the device of smart-phones, optical lenses, hard coating and glass processing. The UV curable technologies used for gel nail products as well. TESK also has been working on gel nail product development for more than 10 years.

Support to make OEM brand with gel nail products

TESK has been developing Gel Nail products for long years and all the products are original product with in-house development. These products can also be provided for OEM. We have complete gel nail product line to meet User’s needs like clear gel with several functions and many kinds of color gel. You can make your own original gel nail brand with TESK products.

In-house development

R&D engineer in TESK has studied gel nail products every day. The trial products they made are proceeding to have external verification with manicurist on the spot or nail academy official. We try to improve much more the quality of products with matching between in-house research result and external verification. All the products made by TESK are completely original product made through in-house development.





Custom made are welcome. TESK creates products to meet the needs of users. Because it is all in-house development products, We can change the formulation freely. It is a company that is good at adjusting the product to the user’s application.


All TESK products are made in our own factory in Japan. We produce the products with  thorough quality control at the factory that have been certified for cosmetics manufacturing in Japan.

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