TUYA NAIL is gel brand produced by TESK for OEM. It is very flexible to make customise product. You can chouse to use TUYA NAIL Brand for your product, You can also convert TUYA NAIL Gel into your own brand. Your original product can be improved much more in our factory then put it in your product line.


Make Gel brand by custom grade products

Make your own gel brand with your request.

Making good use of TESK’s development capability, you can make your own gel product line you like. TESK can make any UV/LED cured gel product related to GEL NAIL.

  • We can handle 1 product from 1 kg
  • Genarally we don’t demand cutomer the cost for development except for special case.
  • The sample can be provided when customer has requested sample or development of products.
  • The first sample is found to have some problems or need to be more improved, We proceed to change for better.
  • All the Reserch and development is proceeded in our laboratory in Japan.

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