Sticky Gel for transfer foil

Sticky Gel for transfer foil

Design and develop sticky gels in custom grades.

Using the sticky gel, you can easily transfer the foil on the nail. No need to wipe off the nail surface after curing, you can soon stick the transfer foil there. The foil can be put on the whole nail and part of the nail. Good adhesion and not easy to lift up even around the edge of the nail.

  • We can offer bulk supply from 1kg quantity filled in a plastic bottle.
  • We can also fill it in small container.
  • We offer two types viscosity of sticky gel. One is lower viscosity gel for polish glass bottle. the other is higher viscosity for plastic container.
How to use sticky gel to tranfer the foil.
Apply sticky gel on the whole nail.
(2) LED curing in 30 seconds.
Stick the transfer foil.
Peel off the foil.
Completed. Then top coating to protect underneath.
Description in the video
Sticky Gel Works

Sticky Gel

Hardness after curing
Soak off

Curing time
LED 30 seconds、UV 60 seconds~
Polish bottle

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